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Friday, 27 April 2018

What programming language would you learn if you had just one month?

What programming language would you learn if you had just one month?


That way you learn a little about networking because you will need a stack to run on; it also helps with learning how the compiler plays a part in programming because of how Java works in relation to PHP, or how HTML is compiled vs PHP.
Finally, if you learn how to program PHP, you will have no issues switching to other languages, the only thing that changes is the syntax, for example
$a = 5;
$b = 6;
echo ‘$a*$b’;
int a = 2 ;
int b = 4 ;
void setup() {
Serial.print("a*b"); }

Like other languages including Python, C++, C#, to name just a few; PHP is a server side language, HTML and Java on the other hand are client side.
PHP can be launched from any platform, very easy with Ubuntu and the Raspberry PI; it’s even easier with Windows if you want to run a WAMP. But it will work in other builds too.
A good software example is the Cryptocurrency Miner for Windows, called the BFGminer. It can be called if included within a directory of a web-server if the web server has PHP installed.
Often you can find packages already compiled for your OS, so go looking and have some fun! Even make your own Stack! For example, maybe you don’t need an SQL (Structured Query language) Database… So you could just have Apache and PHP working together to make a WAP-Stack or LAP-stack. Most common are WAMP and LAMP though.
But it just depends on what your goal is; you can have a program that opens a Browser you made in C#, but the Browser pulls a PHP document after starting an Apache server, so no internet connection is needed to view your PHP page (UI).
Next to that start looking at BAT files! (Batch) This is for Windows only.
Notable: There is a Cryptocurrency called BAT too, (basic attention token). It can earn you money in the future (2018) for simply navigating the web. 
if you think any other then mention it in the comment section.
:) Thank you (:

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