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Friday, 27 April 2018

What should be the first step to make a website?

What should be the first step to make a website?


 If you've never created a website before, you have a lot of learning to do. You will need to learn HTML, you will need to learn CSS, and you will need to learn JavaScript. Then, you will need to learn a back-end language, like Java - but more importantly, what the back-end even is, and what differentiates it from the front-end. You will need to learn some database basics, some server configuration basics, and how to move a file from your workstation to a server.
Then you will need to learn another language, maybe PHP, or how to implement node.js on the back-end. Add a JavaScript framework to your repertoire. Figure out what a “cloud” is, and learn one. Then another.
Along the way, you will be coding at every step. You will create awful, awful websites because you won't know what you're doing. You'll learn about DOM manipulation instead of reloading a whole page, and you'll desperately want to rewrite everything you've created up to that point.
This will happen every week. The pattern will be consistent: Learn something new, fight the desire to redo everything you've already done because you could have done it better.
So that first step? Education? It's also the middle and last step. You'll be learning how to make your first website by making your first website, and every website you make after that will be, in a sense, your first website, because it'll be the first one you make with the knowledge you've gained since the last one.
Pen and paper. Draw out what you want the site to look like. Make a list of the things you want it to do and what message you are trying to send.
The planning is vital.

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